Zebeck is an instrumental Metal/Fusion project by Franco-Swedish guitarist/composer Thomas Frisk.

The first trio emerged in Malmö, Sweden in May 2007 with Jens Wall on bass and his brother Hannes Wall on drums. In late 2009, the band recorded their 10-track debut-album entitled "Emancipation".

However, the trio soon split up after realizing they were drifting apart musically.

In the fall of 2010, drummer Rickard Langnesund joined Zebeck, followed by bass-player Anders Lindskog in early 2011, and "Emancipation" was released in May 2011 when the second line-up made its live debut.
In 2013, Thomas relocated to Stockholm while material for the second album started to take shape.

In late 2015, Zebeck set sails to reclaim its mediterranean origins in Nice, France, forming a new trio with Pierre Dor on drums and Alexandre Bedetti on bass.

The group made several live appearances together before Alexandre tragically passed away in 2020, bringing a sudden halt to the trio.
After a couple years of concern about the future of the project, Thomas decided to pick up the pieces and produce a new record alone.

Thomas: « I felt the music had naturally evolved over the course of the last 11 years and I was ready to release it to the public. It proved to be a good choice as the positive response has been overwhelming, and today I am very proud to announce the signing of a licensing deal with Italian label WormHoleDeath for the re-release of Zebeck’s second album « Dharma ». This marks a new step in the development of the project and I’m very excited to put together a new line-up, bringing the music to you live! »

The Crew 

Thomas Frisk - Guitars, bass, compositions.

Former and session members (non-exhaustive list):

Drums: Pierre Dor (2016-...), Rickard Langnesund (2011-2013), Hannes Wall (2007-2011)

Bass: Alexandre Bedetti (2016-2020), Jens Wall (2007-2011), 

Definition of Zebeck:

Noun (zebeck, zebec or xebec)

"A small three-masted Mediterranean vessel with both square and lateen sails, formerly used by corsairs, and later used for commerce."

Earlier chebec from French, ultimately from Arabic shabbāk; present spelling influenced by Catalan xabec, Spanish xabeque (now jabeque).

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